Alpacas are shorn once a year usually producing 4 to 7 pounds of fleece per animal. The resulting fleece, once cherished by South America’s Incan culture, is now considered worldwide to be one of the most luxurious natural fibers available. It is as soft as cashmere or angora, and warmer and stronger than wool. Alpacas produce over 20 colors of fiber, more than any other fiber producing animal. Their fleece is naturally moisture and stain resistant. It retains heat very well, in part due to the large number of medulated (or hollow) hairs making up each fleece. The fleece is free of lanolin and other oils, therefore largely hypo-allergenic.

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Sierra Prometida Alpaca Ranch
Our soft alpaca yarn is offered in 4 ounce, 250 yard skeins. Using the proper patterns, it can be knitted or crocheted into warm, comfortable daily wear clothing that will become a keepsake. This alpaca yarn will not let you down! We are offering North American alpaca yarn in white (80% alpaca, 20% wool), grey (76% alpaca, 24% tencel), and fawn and dark fawn (96% alpaca, 4 % angora). Please call us with further inquiries. ALPACA YARN: $34 per skein.

This hand-woven rug, produced for us in Texas, has been made by spinning alpaca fleece from our herd around a jute core. It is beautiful with durability demonstrated commercially in the production plant where similar alpaca rugs have been used as walkways for nearly 20 years. The rug is also reversible. Its texture shows occasional unevenness and nubbs giving each rug an original appearance. 4 x 6 ft AREA RUG: $360.

Made like the hand-woven rugs, “Energy Mats” contain alpaca fleece from only our herd. The mat can be used on any seat or behind your back when you will be sitting for a period of time. Use of one of these mats dramatically reduces fatigue during a car or airplane trip, probably due to the alpaca fleece’s heat retention capabilities. ENERGY MATS: $35 each.